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Part of the Park City Ice Miners mission is to develop character, sportsmanship, and physical fitness in players. We are proud of the players who have come through our program and moved on to play and succeed at a higher level of hockey. 
(Last updated 8/14/21.  Please send updates or corrections to communications@pciceminers.org.)
Full PCIM Alumni List
Birth Year: 1997
James Cahill
University of Utah (ACHA)
Birth Year: 1998
Hunter Byers
Texas Jr. Brahmas (NA3HL); Texas State Univ. (ACHA)
Kaleb Combs
Steel County Blades (MnJHL)
Nicholas D’Urso
Milbrook School (USHS-Prep); Kings College-Pennsylvania (NCAA-Div.III)
Bryon Fobair
Colorado Rampage (T1EHL); Dauphin Kings - Manitoba (MJHL)
Tyler Foust
Ogden Mustangs (WSHL)
Jesse Guyer
Steel County Blades (MnJHL)
William Miele
Milbrook School (USHS-Prep)
Karl Zodda
Colorado Rampage (T1EHL); Carolina Eagles (USPHL); Butte Cobras (NA3HL)
Birth Year: 1999
Daniel Hebert
Bellingham Blazers (WSHL)
Sean Leonard
Eugene Generals (USPHL)
Taylor Mellon
Vermont Academy (USHS-Prep); Colorado Rampage (T1EHL)
William Miller
Boston Islanders (USPHL)
Aiden Shaw
California Titans (T1EHL)
Tristan Slot
Bellingham Blazers (WSHL) and Utah Outliers (WSHL)
Birth Year: 2000
Sam Brickley
CarShield Tier 1 (STLHC)
Teddy Elbert
Islanders Hockey Club (USPHL)
Robert Gallard
CP Dynamo (USPHL)
Zack Jerome
University of Utah (ACHA)
Karter Kovar
Milwaukee Jr. Admirals (T1EHL); Colo. Springs Tigers & Sioux Falls Power Hockey (NAPHL)
Ashton Romero
Milwaukee Jr. Admirals (T1EHL)
Alex Smith
Rocky Mountain Rough Riders (NAPHL), Denver University Hockey Club
Birth Year: 2001
Reed Dolph
Colorado Thunderbirds (RMJHL); The Gunnery Prep School (CT)
Ethan Doney
Butte Cobras (NA3HL)
Garrett Jackson
Portland Jr. Hawks (T1EHL)
Bryce Miller
Portland Jr. Hawks (T1EHL)
Luke Moeller
Colorado Rampage (T1EHL)
Zane St. Martin
Portland Jr. Hawks (T1EHL)
Birth Year: 2002  
Aidan Bleyl
CT Jr Rangers (T1NCDC)
Scott Burnette
Ogden Mustangs (T1USPHL)
Michael Brown
Minnesota Mullets (T1USPHL)
Jules Donovan
Middlesex Islanders (USPHL)
Chandler Garza
Minnesota Mullets (T1USPHL)
Tyler Jensen
Ogden Mustangs (T1USPHL)
Michael Logan
Fountain Valley School-CO (NAHL-Prep)
Theo Mazonne
University of Utah (ACHA)
Porter Templin
Steele County Blades (T1USPHL)
Sam Willis
Long Beach Sharks (NA3HL)
Birth Year: 2003
Tyler Fisher
West Coast Renegades (NAPHL 18U); Long Beach Sharks (NA3HL)
Juliet Hopgood
Brown University (NCAA I)
Wes Griffin
Northstar Christian Academy 18U AAA
Emily Jaques
Colorado State University (ACHA D1)
Ella LaPerle
University of Colorado- Boulder (ACHA D1)
Colin Van Valkenburgh
Milwaukee Jr. Admirals (T1EHL), Team Illinois (T1HPHL), Winchendon School (USHS-Prep)
Hanna Wiczek
NAHA Prospects Team-VT (JWHL); Kimball Union Academy-NH (NEPSAC)
Stanford Zito
Colorado Rampage (T1EHL), Ogden Mustangs (T1USPHL)
Birth Year: 2004
Cameron Iacobelli
Avon Old Farms School (USHS-Prep)
Tiana McIntyre
NAHA Prospects Team-VT (JWHL); Pittsburgh Penguins Elite (NE Pack); Quinnipiac University-CT (D1)
Birth Year: 2005
Reese Bynan Vegas Jr Golden Knights (16U T1)
Morgan Carter
Team Colorado (16U T1); St. Louis Blues (16U T1)
Mason Jackson
Vegas Jr Golden Knights (16U T1)
Mason Smith
Vegas Jr Golden Knights (16U T1)
Birth Year: 2006
Sam Anderson
Rocky Mountain RoughRiders (T1EHL)
Madi Brent
St. Louis Blues (16U T1)
Eliot Glusker
Pittsburgh Penguins Elite (NE Pack)
Jack Squibbs
Ohio Blue Jackets (16U T1)
Paul Wiczek
Avon Old Farms School (USHS-Prep)
Birth Year: 2007
Brady Bennett 
Vegas Jr Golden Knights  14U AAA