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Effective August, 2022.
The Park City Ice Miners (PCIM) organization follows the guidance of the Summit County Health DepartmentUtah Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control & Prevention as well as abides by any rules established by rinks.
Members of the PCIM community should refer to and follow guidance provided by the Summit County Health DepartmentUtah Department of Health, and Centers for Disease Control & Prevention for all matters and questions related to COVID-19.
Frequently Asked Questions
Do parents/guardians, coaches, or team managers need to advise the PCIM Board or Covid Committee if a player or a player's household member tests positive for COVID?  
No. Player parents/guardians are asked to reference and follow Summit County and CDC guidelines around mask wearing, symptoms, testing, and test results. Based on these guidelines, parents/guardians will determine whether their player should refrain from participating in PCIM activities and for how long. 
As with any illness, it is expected that parents/guardians will notify the coach and/or team manager when a player is expected to be absent from PCIM activities, using the preferred communication method established for that team.
What happens if a team has multiple players test positive? 
Decisions regarding individual players will be managed by player parents/guardians. As always, the head coach may, at his discretion, cancel or postpone team activities out of concern for the health and well-being of the team and/or when a shortage of players is anticipated (e.g. multiple players call in sick and coach cancels a practice or game).  
If a parent/guardian, coach, or manager has a Covid related question, who should they contact? 
Please email the PCIM Covid Committee at covid@pciceminersorg. A board member will reply to your inquiry.