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UPDATE ASAP. All USA Hockey numbers expire August 31st. Register player at USAH for new season, then update your player's profile under your PCIM account. (To access: Login, Select "My Account", Select your player's name under "Participants")
Tip: The 4th digit in the 2021-22 USA Hockey number is a 2. If it is any other number, it is an expired number.
  • Guardian Contact Information
Double check guardian email addresses and email notification settings in your PCIM Acccount. In order to receive emails, guardians must have their email addresses listed under the player's profile or the guardian's profile.
Complete each form. Download form #8 and send completed copy to your manager.
  • Full or 1st installment payment  
Due by September 15.
Full payment schedule is payment schedule is here.
  • Sports SignUp Mobile App
Download (Apple store/Google Play) or refresh the mobile app. This will give you access to the team schedule and team chat.
Returning parents may need to delete the app and re-install to view this season’s team information.
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Renewal required every year, no cost. New this year  - if you are already registered as a player/coach, you need to register again as a volunteer. Use your legal name.
Core training is required every 2 years, with refresher course on the off years. You can tell which you need by logging into your account at https://safesport.org and viewing the "learning activities" section. If you did the core last year, then just do the refresher this year.
Core training takes up to 2 hours, refresher takes up to 30 minutes. The system tracks your progress in case you want to stop and re-start later. When finished, share a copy of the training certification with your team manager.
  • National Background Check, Every 2 Years (click here)
Click here to see if you need to renew this year. If you completed this for another organization or as a coach,  you do not need to do it again this year. Send a screenshot or copy of green light page to your team manager.
Before starting, you will need a photo (jpeg file) of your drivers license and a current USA Hockey number.
When you start a new request, the "Self Registration ID Number" will be pre-populated for you.
Pay $30 and request reimbursement from PCIM. (Email screenshot of payment confirmation page to Matt Prucka, matt.prucka@pciceminers.org). Background check takes up to 10 days. You can check the status at anytime using link above. You may not receive confirmation when complete, so check back. Send a screenshot or copy of green light page to your team manager.